Saturday, April 25, 2009


We went to this evenings performance of Oklahoma. Ron is still gone so I bathed Lucey and put her in her "lounge wear" and packed everyone up and off we went. Adam did not try out for the play. Several weeks into rehearsal, the cast was short cowboys. Several teachers approached Adam about being one of the cowboys. After some thought, Adam stepped outside his comfort zone and became part of the cast. I was so impressed with the production. They had a live orchestra made up of some adults and some students. I enjoy all music by Rodgers and Hammersteins and this was absolutely delightful. For such a small school they gave a huge performance.

We are waiting for the lights to dim. Lucey is confined to her stroller with some drinks and snacks on hand.

Adam is the cowboy in black. The sheriff-- So Adam!

Adam looks on at the marriage scene.

Take a bow Adam.

Adam and his posse in the receiving line.
What a fun night!!!!

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  1. You're marvelous Adam! So very proud of you!
    the Skaggs clan


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