Monday, April 20, 2009

A Visit With Nana and Papa

April 4, 2009

While Ron was in Indiana, Nana and Papa came over to meet Lucey for the second time (not including meeting her at the airport). I was preparing to leave for our trip to Branson the next day so Mom brought the entire meal to us. What a treat that was for me. It was a delicious meal, one of her specialties and one my boys love. Thank you Mom!!

Sitting on Papa's lap.

Playing with Nana's camera.

What a difference a few weeks make. Lucey was much more comfortable with Nana and Papa and reached out for my Mom and Dad for the first time. She even gave "huggies" to them before they left.

A few More Random Pictures and Life With Lucey Lu:

Lucey is so fortunate to have three attentive, loving big brothers. Andrew decided to take Lucey for a walk (on his own). He put her shoes on for her.

Andrew even made sure she had her panda purse. So sweet.

Christian is my creative guy. He always finds fun things to do with Lucey. Here they are going for a ride on the skateboard in the garage. She loves the skateboard! Christian was the guy dragging her around on the blanket a few weeks earlier.

Lucey and her baby. She really wanted her baby to have the same bow in her hair as she is wearing.

Having some quiet time...this doesn't happen all that often. The boys must be busy doing their school work. No one to play with. This is good.

Snack time...For the first several weeks, Lucey wanted to spend all day in her highchair. She would lay across her tray crying for me to keep her in. One day I decided to leave out a bowl of snacks and wow---she has not had that incredible need to be in her highchair. I know she was worried about getting more food. Many adoptive children have food issues. I feel quite sure that she is now trusting that she will get more food when she needs it. Big Steps!

She still loves her highchair. She fell fast asleep during lunch.

She smiles a lot but.....she is normal and she will throw a fit if she can't communicate what she needs.

This is what she needed....she needs her naps.

Lucey is very comfortable here at our home. Yesterday, she had been home for 6 weeks already. What a quick six weeks it has been. She just loves her crib and takes a very good nap during the day and has absolutely no trouble sleeping at night. The last two nights I have not sat in her room as she has fallen asleep. I do leave the door open and I do tell her that I will be right back (as I'm usually straightening up and she can hear the boys showering and me talking to them etc...) I keep checking on her and she is just fine. It makes me feel so good that she feels safe here. She pointed to a picture of me a few days ago and said, "Mama." Her language is coming along--she's trying to imitate everything we say. I'm quite sure she has gained weight and she is growing. She is thriving!


  1. Growing, thriving, and looking just plain adorable!

  2. Dear friend
    such growth and many wonderful changes for you all in a very short six weeks. So happy for you!!
    Sending much love!

  3. Hi Beth~
    6 weeks already WOW! She looks like she is doing really well, that is so great! I had to laugh when you said she loves the skateboard, so does Zoie :) It's amazing what they enjoy doing when they see their big brothers do it!
    Take Care~

  4. My favorite picture is Andrew and Lucey walking down the sidewalk with the little purse. It brings back some very sweet memories of Nathan when we first got Ruthie. Both were just about the same age as your kids, and Nathan fell head over heels in love with her. She would do ANYTHING for him, and he taught her to do all kinds of things. She has spina bifida, and he was determined to help her walk and run like the other kids. I'm rambling, but when I saw that picture, I can't explain how it made me feel. You have such a beautiful family. Blessings!


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