Friday, December 30, 2011

To Great-Grandma's House We Go~

On Tuesday, December 27th we packed up the car and traveled to my Grandma T's place. Adam wanted to see her before he heads back to Georgia and with 2012 being a busy year for us; he knew this was a good time. It was a 7 hour drive.

We drove straight to Grandma's....

I sent Adam in first.....she studied him for a moment and then said, "Adam, is that you?" She was very delighted to see him. She even gave him a salute. That was cute. We all piled into her room. It was one of our best visits ever. Her sense of humor really came out.

It's truly hard to believe she will be 99 in the summer of 2012. She certainly does not look it. She is easy to talk with and hears very well. Isn't that wonderful.

We had a reservation at a very nice hotel with a great pool. We met up with our dear friends....the boys played and Lucey sat on the pool steps playing with her water toys. I was not thinking and did not take any pictures of Miss Lu, the bathing beauty. ;-)

The final day we were there we ate, shopped and went ice skating. I thought this Ginger Bread Village was adorable. Lucey adored it and then reminded me that we did not make a ginger bread house this year...oops....she remembered. I do feel bad I failed her. I dropped the ball quite a few times this Christmas. I just couldn't squeeze every thing in. But the things that mattered most I payed close attention family....a lot of time snuggling in together and just being.

I love this picture of Lucey. She looks so pretty, so grown up. She is for certain...growing up.

Then to the ice terrace....

It had been forever since I had been up on skates. This was Lucey's first time and first time for Andrew and Christian. Lucey skated with a big smile 95% of the time. Holding Lucey up was a huge work out. Thankfully my sweet friend took turns with me and we shared in skating with Lucey. Lucey improved as we went along. I must take her again.

This picture shows her sad face. The 5% of the time with the missing big smile. The boys took her for a spin around the rink and Andrew accidentally grabbed her hair and didn't realize it. She really cried. We sat down, regrouped and she was ready to glide again.

Christian...he did very well.

Andrew was excellent on his skates.

The boys skated for a little longer while Lucey, myself and my sweet friend went to play in the little Christmas village.

It was a beautiful day and the fountains were on.

Adam met up with his buddies from High School....all home from college for Christmas break. He had a fantastic reunion. Ron and the husband of my sweet friend....were hanging out together catching up.

Our friends are a blessing...a blessed time spent together...a great way to cap off our year.


  1. You all sure did squeeze in a lot of fun times!!! Love all the smiles in each photo~ very impressed you can ice skate. I hate to say I have never even tried. The bigs all know how and the little girls dream of being skaters. :) Love the photo of beautiful Lucey~ she's precious!!! Blessings and love this new year 2012!!! XOXO

  2. Oh these are awesome, what winter fun!!!


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