Friday, December 23, 2011

Shoe Bling

Lucey can be described as a dainty little girl...but, for some reason, she can really wear out her shoes. She was in need of a new pair and Stride Rite was having a sale. Lucey's feet are very narrow so the Velcro closure kind of shoe does not always stay on her foot. This time I talked her into these....their version of the Converse. She made it quite clear that they were not girly enough for her. She is something else! The lady showed us some "shoe bling"...these little felt flowers with a touch of sparkle. They slide on to the shoelace. Very cute. 75cent flower decor for tennis shoes change her whole outlook and I got in on a great sale!

Some packages have arrived in the mail. Lucey can't wait!!

I randomly took this picture of Andrew practicing his new piece of music. My camera was acting up and I was concerned about it so I took some shots. The picture is not bad...I guess my camera is okay.? I hope!

We are having so much fun with Adam...we are off to an eye appointment. Adam needs new glasses. We need to take care of these things before he leaves in January. It's a blessing to have him home and to be able to take care of him even though he is more than capable of caring for himself. I love it!

I hope your day is a fun one too....reaching around and hugging your loved ones and holding on tight.

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