Friday, October 30, 2009

The Character Parade

Today, Andrew and Christian went to school as Fred and George Weasley, the identical twins in the Harry Potter Book series. This week was Red Ribbon Week--A Campaign against can learn more about that, HERE. Every day during Red Ribbon Week they do something fun. Today, the kids chose a favorite book and went as a character from that book. The boys were so excited about their costumes. They enjoy being The Tucker Twins but they couldn't wait to go on parade as the Weasley Twins.

I dressed Lucey up in her bunny costume that she will wear tomorrow night. It didn't take her long to understand the whole idea of dress up. She was the bunny from Pat The Bunny.

It was a very chilly morning. Lucey and I walked to the school since I knew parking would be limited. I was a little late thankfully....the older kids did not come out until the end. Andrew-Left, Christian-Right.

The school mascot, Torres, was dressed as Aslan from The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe. He is the sweetest dog. The children light up when they see him.

Our fun morning quickly went south when Lucey fell face first into the pavement as she was walking to the stroller. She was bleeding right into the white bunny face (Spray and Wash worked wonders). I scooped her up and ran back into the school where the school nurse was standing. She jumped into action with her gloves and gauze. It took awhile for the bleeding to stop. Lucey was crying so hard that the blood was pooling in her mouth. A Popsicle finally made her calm dawn and the bleeding to stop. Poor thing had a fat lip for Halloween. Her lip looked much worse on the inside where her teeth punctured her lip. I felt so bad for her. She does get off balance easily and I try to hold her hand when we are about and about. I was in a hurry and let her walk on her own. Live and learn.

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