Wednesday, October 21, 2009

To Florida and Back

On October 18th I flew to Tampa, FL for 4 days to meet Ron at the USAREC Leadership Training Conference. Nana and Papa came to watch the kids. I organized for a week so Mom and Dad wouldn't feel too overwhelmed by our crazy schedule. It was a busy time for them but they all managed very well. Lucey was attached to my Mom and felt very comfortable with Nana taking care of her. Thank you Jesus for the answered prayers. Thank you so much Mom and Dad---Ron and I appreciated the time away and knowing the kiddo were in safe hands.

Tampa is a beautiful city. Ron and I had time to ourselves the first night. He took me to a spectacular seafood place where we ate wild salmon and huge, hand picked scallops. They were sauteed to perfection. After the first night....we had a very busy schedule. It was worth all the hard work getting there. I had a busy pace but it was nice to not have to worry about anyone but me.

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