Sunday, October 11, 2009

Dinner At The O'Connell's

What a treat to spend the evening with my Auntie M, Uncle Paul, Cousins Paul and Chris and their beautiful families.

We had delicious food and great fellowship --"Uncle Paul, I need to get your garlic potato recipe from you!"

I saw my cousins quite a bit when I was growing up. Now that we all have families and we move around so much, I don't get to see them as often. What a great time we had.

"Aunt Marianne, you still look beautiful even with your eyes's a great picture." :-)

My Cousin Paul and his wife Stephanie gave Lucey wonderful gifts. Our favorite-- A Mel*ssa and D*ug puzzle and a sweet book....I'm not going to write the author's name...I'll mispell that for certain. It's one we love! Thank you so much! A child can't have enough puzzles and books especially if your name happens to be Lucey.

We have to have that group shot with the kiddos....they grow up so fast. Paul's daughter was so good with Lucey and entertained her the entire time. Their son and our twins are close in age so they had a great time talking and catching up. Paul--your kids are wonderful!
I'm really trying to be sensitive to anyone not comfortable with having their names and faces posted on our blog. I totally understand. "Chris, we really enjoyed visiting with you and Emily. Adam especially had a great time catching up....BTW what were you three whispering about any way?" Just kidding. ;-)
Let's get together again soon!
PS. Happy Birthday Jennifer! We toasted you and Grandpa Orlando this evening!

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