Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Last of the Wrestling Season

Wrestling ended last night. I have to say, the meets are long and we only get to see our guys for a few minutes. But....I loved every minute of watching them develop, grow tougher and learn this new sport. Andrew loves it and will continue with the private team. Christian learned that this is not his sport. Not that he didn't excel but that he just didn't enjoy it.

The next set of pictures were taken at several meets.

This was taken at a big tournament. Christian's first meet. The boys were dropped off at 7:00 a.m. at school where they took the bus to the meet. We met them at the meet at 9:00 a.m. and it did not end until 3:30 that afternoon. Lucey met a little girl named Katie and they got along beautifully.

Christian is pacing and holding his paper work that let's him know when he competes. Christian paid close attention as he waited.

Christian wrestled several times. He won this match.

This is Andrew....he won his match too.

I love this photo...the referee holding up Andrew's arm.
Then, Christian wrestled a seasoned 8th grader. They were paired up according to weight, not ability or age. It was tough. He struggled. I'm sure there was a moment when he wanted to quit. But, he didn't. They stopped the match when his nose was bleeding and he talked with his coach. Christian is tough....he got back in there and finished. We were so proud of him. His first meet and he wrestles a "veteran." :-)

Ron met him on the floor to check out his nose. It may have been broke. It was painful. He survived. He ended up with bruising around his nose and eye.
Overall they did well. Andrew ended up winning a silver medal and Christian a bronze.

This is Andrew walking back from getting his medal.

This is Christian walking back from getting his bronze. That lessened the sting of the loss and the injury.
Katie and Lucey have been playing together ever since that one long tournament.

I believe they are having their own, very girlie, wrestling match.

Adam has come to a few meets. He had a brother to brother chat with Andrew. The boys really look up to Adam and hang on to his every word.
Andrew has won several of his matches based on points but the ones that mean the most are the two he won by pinning his opponent.

"Boys, you had a fantastic season! We are so very proud of your determination and hard work you put into this very difficult sport. I had no idea you could be so aggressive. You shocked the socks off of me. "
We have a break and then it's on to basketball season. Andrew did not try out. This year the coach only wanted 12 players so there was a two day tryout. Christian made the team! He is thrilled. Not only did he make based on his athleticism but also his grades. At their school academics come first. Christian has excellent grades. Both the boys do.
7th grade has proved to be a busy and exciting year for all of us. I do look forward to the break from sports. :-) I think we all do.

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