Sunday, December 12, 2010

2010 Training Conference and Christmas Ball

It was a busy weekend...Ron hosted approximately 500 Soldiers and their spouses at our Battalion training Conference/Christmas Ball. Friday nights event kicked off with the individual company (Ron has 7 companies in his Battalion) parties. We strolled from room to room enjoying each theme party and talking with the Soldiers and their spouses. Saturday morning we had on-sight daycare for the kiddos who came (Ron's Battalion spans three states). The ladies enjoyed an early spouses breakfast and then participated in a seminar where we learned a lot of important information that will help ease our crazy lifestyle. The Tucker troops were all here except Adam who stayed home with our little dog Max. He also needed to do quite a bit of studying with mid-terms this week. Andrew and Christian had hand bell practice for Christmas Eve church service on Saturday morning back near our home. My very dear friend, Shea--who happened to be in town from Alabama-- came by the hotel and took the boys to practice.

Thank you Shea-Shea!! I am forever grateful!

Lot's of moving parts to this weekend.

Shea brought the boys back and we girls had a nice leisure lunch together. I enjoyed my time with my dear friend. Lucey was wore out from day care and took her nap on my lap.

This picture was taken after the Christmas Ball on Saturday evening...I know I look tired and I was. I took Lucey to the day care room at 4:00 and then met Ron and our guest to walk over to the ball and prepare for the cocktail hour. Ron and I shook hands with 500 people as we greeted each and everyone in the receiving line. I loved having a close up and personal look at the lovely ladies in their cocktail dresses. To shake the hands of the young Soldier's and thank them for their service.
Ron is presenting a gift to our guest speaker.

Ron and Chris--His Command Sergeant Major. They are a dynamic duo!

We received the gift of staying in an amazing hotel suite. It was beyond anything we have ever stayed in. The boys were just giddy. Lucey woke up this morning and snuggled in our bed.
This is the view from our room. It was gorgeous at night. Our room was wrapped in ceiling to floor windows and we took up the entire end of the 18th floor and it was the corner room.

This was Andrew and Christian's room. They had a hard time getting out of bed this morning for church; they were so snug. They kept their curtains open so they could enjoy the Christmas lights and the World War I monument.

Lucey standing in front of the little Christmas tree in our living area. She has her princess jammies on. She definitely has her "wants"....she had to have these when we went shopping last week. They really are cute on her.
Since the weekend was completely devoted to the Battalion, I have a lot of work left to do to get ourselves ready for Christmas. I know it will all come always does. I do love this time of year and we just remember all the blessings in our lives......
Blessings to you----


  1. You look so beautiful! I miss the big squadron parties but the up side is that as our units get smaller, the food gets better. ;-)

  2. Beth,
    I love to check in on your blog. You don't look tired in the photo, as always you are stunning!
    Laura Miller Funke

  3. In case you special ladies come back and read my comment....

    Andrea--Thank you so much for your compliment, I appreciate it--the food....not to complain or anything but the dinner for 500....not the greatest that night. But, it was a sit down for all 500 and not buffet. I was impressed with how hard the servers worked.

    Laura, Thank you for commenting and for the very nice compliment. I was so tired and had to throw my shoes back on my feet for the picture. The walk from the Hyatt to the Westin was long and chilly. This girl started the evening with a run in my hose near my toe. You know how that can make one feel. Not so pretty. I was humbled from the start and had to remember that I was there for others that night. So good to hear from you!
    Maybe, someday we will meet again at a reunion? Our 30th is next...yikes!


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