Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Sweetness!

Yesterday morning was Lucey's Christmas recital for the pre-3 class at her Christian pre-school. It was the sweetest little performance. (Remember, click on the photo to enlarge.)

Before they performed they said a prayer. Just in case you are not sure....Lucey is the little one in the black and white skirt and red sweater on the far right. :-)

They are singing about Bethlehem in this song.
Here they are singing Happy Birthday to Jesus.

Here they are professing their love for Jesus and they ask us...."Do you love Jesus?" Yes, Lucey....We do!!!!

This is what Christmas is all about.

Last week, I took Andrew and Christian to the Kansas City Symphony. The music was so beautiful. The traditional music was played and the Children's choir sang. After intermission there was a sing along...we had so much fun--not to mention that we were served the most sinfully delicious brownies ever.

With our big weekend event and Ron traveling this week--I am way behind with our Christmas preparations...or I should say...what the World would deem as "behind." I'm trying not to worry....just pacing myself and focusing in on the true meaning. The rest will come together. It always does.
I have to share the beginning of my week.....when I had a tug of war with my emotions....

Lucey and I went shopping on Monday to get some cards and gifts. So it's double up on the shopping. All of the most important people in our lives (outside this house) seem to have birthday's right about now. I fluctuated between feeling frustrated and blessed......

1. It was 10 degrees...brrr....and dragging Lucey around was going to be a challenge. We don't live near shopping. The closest shopping are outdoor malls. They are wonderful on beautiful days but not this day. So I had to drive even further to get to an indoor mall. I started 0ut frustrated.

2. Lucey practiced her recital songs on the way to shopping. A reminder of what Christmas is all about. I felt Blessed to have her with me.

3. I could not find a parking spot. Double frustrated! Then, opened. Yippee. I parked only to realize I was right next to a snow mound. I had to step out and into the deep snow. Then had to get Lucey out too....triple required some gymnastic moves and some splits too.

4. We were finally in the mall nice and warm and Lucey in the stroller. Ahhhh....Blessed and feeling like it was going to be okay.

5. First stop....the Hallmark store. I spent time hand picking each card and Lucey was doing well. Not too crowded. Then...."I have to go potty!" Frustrated!! We left the cards with the girl at the check out and went out of the store in search of the restrooms. Frustrated.

6. Back to the store....picking out more cards with Lucey wanting to walk. problem...but, the store was crowded now and she wanted to push the stroller around. You get the picture. I had a hard time concentrating and I had to go at a slower pace than I had wanted. We got in the long line. Lucey is hungry and fussing. It was finally my turn and....the girl couldn't find the first batch of cards. Really frustrated....I started praying. She went on a search. The people behind me were irritated. At last....she found them! Blessed!

7. Off to have lunch....which meant not shopping. Frustrated. Then remembered that I am with my girl and I should enjoy these moments. Adam is about ready to graduate and move on....I know the years fly by. So just enjoy this time. Blessed.

8. Finally we finished and it was off to one of my favorite stores. I pull in with the stroller and this pretty lady approaches me with a lovely smile recognizing us from my's Melinda from here. Melinda and I have been emailing and wanting to get together and meet in person. It has just been so difficult with our schedules. We hugged, we chatted about our families and we talked about the girls. Our girls have the same special needs issue. She gave me valuable information. Meah is 10 and has already started procedures that Lucey will begin in a year and a half. My day was then super Blessed. The Lord knew the gift I needed at just the right time.
It was so great to meet you Melinda! Thank you for taking the time to talk with me. I hope we can get together again soon!
After that...I bought a few more things and headed home with my load and one tired girl!
What a great and Blessed day after all!


  1. The pictures of all the little kids are so cute. I just love seeing the many open-eyed expressions during the prayer time. It strikes me as funny AND cute!

    I definitely understand your frustrations. Abby is having her bladder surgery on Monday, and I am racing around like a crazy lady trying to get everything done beforehand. Got my last package in the mail today and have only one large package left to wrap at home! Tomorrow is my really crazy day though - field trip with Ruthie in the morning, Abby's school Christmas program in the evening, and then a trip out to the church to help set up for the big Christmas dinner on Friday night. (Friday is another mad race, but I won't even go there - lol!) Anyway, I think you're doing good to keep reminding yourself of the true reason for Christmas. My heart is telling me one thing and my head another!

  2. Lucey looked precious in the pictures of her program!!!! I know you are so proud of her... so thankful too that you ran into your sweet friend while out shopping. God is SO good!!! :)
    Merry Christmas!!!

  3. That was so sweet! It makes me feel so good. I was so happy to see you and Lucey!

    I do hope we get to meet again. I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!

    Love the Christmas Program Photos!


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