Thursday, December 2, 2010

Cards and Packages--Oh My!

The first Christmas card arrived on Tuesday, November 30th. How impressive is that! We were so excited to open it because it was from a Military family we met long ago. Her husband is deployed right now and here she is with four kiddos whom she homeschools. She is one organized Mama with such a beautiful family. She has so much faith and she always seems to be so upbeat. We put the photo card on our refrigerator to remind us to pray for them and for his safety every time we walk by. This is the best first Christmas card of the season.

We also received a package....Thank you, Bunny!!! You are the greatest and of course my guys couldn't wait until yesterday to tear into their gifts. Each receiving their own Kinder Kalendar. Whooo-hoooo....out came those first eggs with the cute little Santas inside.

Lucey opened her calendar too.....Polly Pockets. She is sooo into that! The little doll and that first outfit....she will play with that all afternoon.

Thank you dear friends...for thinking of us during this beautiful, Holy Season.
I'd better get myself moving and get our packages in the mail. I so enjoy the giving but I'm just not always so timely about it. I'm trying very hard this year to pace myself.

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