Friday, June 18, 2010

The Sprinkler Beach Ball

Today was a HOT one! Lucey received this fun water toy for her birthday....A sprinkler beach ball. She had so much fun running around getting "sprinkled" on.

I love this little suit but it's a bit baggy on her little, itty, bitty tushy. She still wears a 2T for the most part. This is a 3T. I just couldn't wait to try it on her.

She loved Adam swinging her around over the spray.

Running errands...oh, wait....that would be me. Taking a drive....

Yummy Popsicles....she was such a sticky mess after this. Then, I fed her spaghetti for lunch (what was I thinking?)....a bath was what she really needed. Today.....a hot, wet, messy day. And so much fun.
Adam went on a job interview today and will be working at the airfield. He is so excited. He will be working with planes and their engines. He will wash and care for the aircraft. Best of all, he gets to fly. What an amazing opportunity for him and he gets paid too. We are praising The Lord for this blessing in Adam's life. God is good.

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  1. What a fun day!

    Congrats on the job...sounds perfect!

    God IS good!



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