Monday, June 14, 2010

A Busy Weekend For The Troops

We had a fun weekend.....

Andrew and Lucey getting ready to play in the yard....

I'm not sure what they are looking at?

Andrew ditches Lucey for a game of street hockey.

I spent hours and hours putting together Lucey's kitchen. I love a challenge but these projects can become frustrating when the only directions are pictures. I love words! (Ron dressed Lucey, this is all he could come up with...which drawers did this combo come out of?)

At last, it's all finished!! I'm so proud of myself. Lucey loves her new kitchen!
We attended a Family Wellness Weekend at a nice hotel in our area this past weekend. It was a pleasure to meet up with our military families who are spread out among three states. We all came together for a conference and some R and R.

Our hotel room had a flight of stairs to the upstairs bedroom where Andrew slept. Lucey is ready to go to the water park.

This is a little more lady like.

Christian and Adam are getting dumped on.

Adam is getting ready to dump water on someone...that poor soul. ;-)

Christian is heading towards a water slide. This place has some fantastic slides. There was one with three funnels. Amazing!

The Tucker Twins allowing me to take a picture...there was not much patience for this. I ran my camera upstairs after a few more snaps and then it was my turn to hop in the "Lazy River" with Lucey so Ron could slide with the boys.

Lucey loved the slides too! The ones that were just her size. She can be a dare devil and I think, if she were tall enough, she would have gone down the bigger slides.

Here she goes!

Daddy was there to catch her. She doesn't mind going under water.

Sunday, Andrew and Christian were in a piano recital.

Andrew introduces himself and shares with everyone the pieces of music he will be playing.

Andrew's performance.

Andrew takes a bow.

It's Christian's turn to introduce himself and share his music choices.

Christian's performance.

Christian takes a bow.

This is Miss Lynette, their piano teacher. They had a great year and continue to take with her through the summer.

Today....we are just hanging out. It's one of those lazy summer days that we have all been looking forward to...especially me.
I hope you enjoy some lazy days too!
PS...Today is my friend Jeanne's Birthday...."Happy Birthday Jeanne!"

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