Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Lucey's Birthday Party

We celebrated Lucey's birthday this past Sunday. It was a small, simple celebration. Nana and Papa came...Elizabeth, her girls and little guy were back in town so they also joined us along with her sweet Mom. I kept things easy and light....cupcakes and a few little snacks.

Little Clifford and Lucey giving each other a little huggie.

It was time to sing "Happy Birthday" and Lucey was not real happy about being center of attention.

In fact, she had a full blown melt down. It just cracked me up. We all got a kick out of her.

She sure loved all of her this little cash register. "Price check please."

The D*ra card was a hit.

Opening Nana and Papa's gift.....

A shopping cart with food. So much fun! Lucey received so many nice things from many of our friends and family....Thank You to everyone!

The Mullen girls with their Grandmother Sarah.


Elizabeth and I have been friends for 17 years. They live in Colorado. Her parents live close to us so we have been able to see her sweet family a little more often than we have in the past. What a special treat for us to spend some time with them while they were in town.
April, May and June...we have a lot of celebrations. We are done with birthday's for a few months.
The next few weeks, we will be focusing on Lucey and her upcoming surgery. I'm working on her referrals and getting appointments set up. Everything seems to be falling into place.

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  1. just gotta love the first singing picture where all four of your men are focused on Lucey Lu...body language says so much...I do pity the first boy who arrives to take her out on a date. hehehe

    next, the picture of you and Elizabeth...just stunning!


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