Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day 2010--Honoring our Hero!

We hope all the Father's out there had a wonderful Father's Day! We had a great day here with the troops. I really wanted Ron to sleep in for once. He works so hard during the week and many times he is working on the weekends too. On the weekends he usually jumps out of bed at Lucey's first call. Yesterday, I really wanted Ron to get some much needed rest.

I am not a huge breakfast in bed kind of girl but I knew Ron would just love it! I got the troops up and together we made Ron a fully loaded omelet, coffee cake, grapes and St*rbuck's pressed coffee.

We of course entertained him while he enjoyed every bite. We are a chatty bunch over here so there is never a lull in conversation and it's usually pretty silly.

We went to church at our normal time. It was a blessing for us--pastor lead everyone in prayer and we prayed for Lucey's upcoming surgery (Wednesday). This is Lucey's spot--her "time out" spot. She was being naughty after church.

Ron and The Troops!

Ron was playing with the neighborhood kids. I thought this scene was funny....Ron without kids and our neighbor, Mark, with out his Dad. Hmmmmm.......As it turned out, our boys were chasing each other around the park after a scuffle (playtime can get competetive with the twins) and Mark's Dad was working. So, Ron enjoyed playing with Mark.
Ron then enjoyed a game of street hockey. He was really getting into it.
Then, Ron and I took Lucey on a 2 mile power walk. It was nice to get my time in with the Man of Honor.

We grilled out and then had apple pie and ice-cream while Ron opened his cards and gifts. (All back in jammies and Lucey in bed)

The boys made some creative, heartfelt cards--they really warmed our hearts. I could see a tear or two in Ron's eyes. This is Christian.


Adam shaved for Ron without being told. That really made Ron happy. That was a nice gift.
Ron said he had a fantastic day--I loved hearing that. I really wanted his day to feel special.
I chatted with my Dad on Father's day. I'll be seeing my parents tomorrow and later in the summer we have a lunch date planned. I'm looking forward to our time together.

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