Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Weekend of Work and Fun

Last weekend Ron was out of town....St. Louis again. I'll just say, it was for work but,....he went to two St. Louis Cardinal Baseball games. I'll leave it at that. It's a hard job but someone has to do it. ;-)

Last Saturday I was up at 5:00 a.m. preparing these medical forms (school, sports, Boy Scouts and youth services) for this mornings physicals. It was advertised that our clinic would be doing physicals in an orderly, quick fashion. NOT! We had the first 3 slots at 7:30 a.m. The clinic was quiet when we arrived but quickly became chaotic with families showing up in 10 min. intervals. It was an assembly line. The nurse going over the boys' shot records happened to be the nurse in charge. Since no one knew what they were doing, our nurse kept stopping and helping others. Meanwhile, families were slipping ahead of us. A family of 6 kids went past us and the T.Troops were left in the dust. The boys had soccer pictures at 9:15 so we were on a time crunch. I learned my lesson....we will never do this again! Andrew and Christian got through their physicals at 9:12 a.m. I pointed them in the direction of pictures and they ran to the venue. They were a sweaty mess when they got there but they made it! I stayed back with Adam and Lucey. I fudged a little and told the doctor we would be back for immunizations. We never went back. I'll have to take them at a later time. I'm sure I will be scolded. Oh well.

The forms....I waited until the last minute to fill out at least 25 pages of paper work. I think I went through a pot of coffee. Can anyone relate to this? Why do I procrastinate? I missed a few things on the forms here and there so the doctor "got on me" for that.

We were home from soccer pictures at 10:20 for a quick change. My Uncle Paul, Aunt Marianne and their grandson, Aden, came up for a visit. My Uncle Paul took all four boys up to St. Joseph, MO. to see the Blue Angels. What a fantastic experience for my boys and what a brave man Uncle Paul was. Thank you, Uncle Paul, the boys had a wonderful time! They enjoyed connecting with their second cousin too. My Auntie M., Lucey and I had a fabulous, relaxing girls day. We visited and went out to lunch. Just what I needed!

The men came back with a little sun on their faces. Lucey sneaks into all the pictures now.
Ron arrived back home around 7:00 on that Saturday night. Just in time to have some pizza with everyone before they headed back to Kansas City.

On Sunday, we were finally able to take Adam out for his birthday dinner.

We went Chinese per Adam's request.

This is my big attempt at flowers...two pots of geraniums. I didn't even bother to replant them into nicer looking pots. I just don't have the time to spend right now planting. Lucey brightens up the front porch! She's my "Lilly" girl today. I know there are a few of you out there who love "Lilly P." as much as I do. (Renee!) I bought this little scalloped dress on Ebay for a song.

She can be a monkey girl!

Ron spent a few hours cleaning the garage. Boy, was it a disaster! It still looks a wee bit cluttered but it's 98% better than what it looked like before the picture. I should have taken a before all would feel so good about your garages! Ron is still working on purging and organizing.

Andrew was a huge help! Lucey sneaking into the picture again!

Our living area was feeling so dark to me. You may remember that I had black and gold buffalo check panels hanging in the dinning room. They looked great in a home two moves ago...not this place though. I splurged and bought linen curtains from a place I love (won't mention the name) and they are lined. They make a world of difference.

I also replaced the valances.

Added some fresh green plants.

I moved this pillow over to the couch for some natural color. I want our home to feel like our nest. We move so much and as I have said before...this place has been challenging to make homey. Adam walked in the other day, looked around and feels cozy here. I think I'm getting it right. Finally.
It's teacher appreciation week and I'm sure all of you out there are also thinking about the teachers and staff this week who work with your kiddos...Andrew and Christian are in the same class (isn't that nice for me) and they took these flowers to Mrs. B. My favorite, tulips. I'm sure she liked them too. We have several other goodies for her as the week goes on. She has been so wonderful with the boys.

This weekend we have my parents arriving. It's my Dad's birthday....a "Big" birthday at that. We have something special planned. It's also Mother's Day. Lot's to celebrate!
God's Blessings to all the Mom's this weekend. I hope your day is filled with abundant love.

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