Sunday, May 2, 2010

We Are In The Midst Of Soccer Season

Spring soccer started for two of the troops....Andrew and Christian. Their team is called The Titans. When coach met them for the first time he said, "Here come the dynamic duo." It sure made them smile. I do want to say, we are all average over here at The Tucker Troops....but, Andrew and Christian, because they are twins, are used to sharing and working together. It's their nature. Sure, they have their times of bickering and wrestling but they are also the best of friends. Coach made a smart move when he put them on the field together....

Game One...

Christian is number 15 and Andrew is number 9. (Don't you love how mismatched we are?)

Beyond number one....Andrew is passing to Christian.

Half time...a team huddle and a cheer!

Andrew is ready.

Christian fighting for the ball. He can get a little aggressive out there. He has to watch it or he gets a flag.

See what I mean...he is about ready to knock over the goalie.

And on the sidelines...Miss Lucey Lu...running, jumping, galloping and having a great old time.

Christian takes a shot. It doesn't go in but oh so close.

Christian takes the corner shot.

Christian just passed to Andrew....and he is off with the ball.
Lucey is having a happy time!

The Titans won 6-5. Both boys scored. It was a great game.

We were hanging outside on this beautiful afternoon so I thought I would snap some pictures. Christian is always so good about spending some time with Lucey.

Lucey still uses a little sign language. This is the sign for "play." She is letting us know she wants to get a few toys out for her.

It was a little windy so her pinwheel was so much fun to have outside this day.
Game Two...
Andrew has been aggressive this season too. He was attacking the ball during this game. (The boys uniforms are matched know that does matter to me.)

Andrew getting the ball away from the opponent with success...

...and kicking out of there so a teammate can score. He made some nice assists today.

Andrew dribbles the ball and takes is a distance.
Each of the boys score during this game. The Titans lost 4-5. It was so close.
The best part of this is that they are having so much fun and talk about how they can't wait for the next game. That's all you can ask for. I love watching them play together. Little by little they are branching out and creating their own identities and we encourage that. I know some day I won't be watching them play on the same team. I cherish this time now. Their young years. Time goes by so quickly.

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