Thursday, April 29, 2010


Adam turned 17 on the 26th. It's hard to believe 17 years ago he came into the world...a beautiful, healthy 7 pound 4 ounce bundle of sweetness. I have talked a lot about Adam on here--I think you all know how I feel about the number 1 son (that first born!). Especially all of you who know me and know him. You can go here to read an entry I wrote about Adam not that long case you are new here.

Just a little something for Adam.

Lucey helped open Adam's gifts.

The darn cellophane...

We had plans to take Adam to his favorite restaurant the day before his birthday but Adam couldn't spare us any time. Adam has been swamped with class projects. He had two big assignments due this week in two of his college courses....History and Psychology. The day after prom he was up and working all day. Every night he has been up late for the past few weeks. I picked him up from school on Monday to take him out to lunch and he told me he was sick. :-( Christian was positive for strep so I took Adam straight to the Dr.'s for a strep test. He still had to work on his research papers....not much of a birthday for Adam. Hopefully this weekend, after everything is turned in, we can go have a relaxing dinner out and celebrate Adam.
We love you Adam!

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