Wednesday, April 28, 2010

More Prom Pictures

I'm finally posting more prom pictures....

His vest and tie were platinum.

Adam definitely has his own style. When he saw these Chuck T*ylor's at the store he begged me for them. I had to think about it...I'm a traditional girl. I told him "fine" but it would be an early birthday gift. If that's the craziest thing he does?

Caitlin needed her Mom to step in to help with the corsage. They are so hard to get on especially when you are nervous...I remember that.

So handsome.

Walking the red carpet. It was a drizzly kind of day so they moved the red carpet under the overhang. All of us parents were all crammed under taking pictures. The kids loved it. The Mamarazzi's all snapping away.
They are looking at Caitlin's parents in this photo.

It's my turn...."Get out of my way people....that's my son!" Ha! Oh, you know me....I'm so short and polite....but I wanted to say that! I was on my tip toes trying to get a good photo.

They are getting ready to make their entrance....oh but first....a breathalyzer....for everyone. I'm glad they were serious about the no drinking rule that night. This Mom was happy. Although I have no reason not to trust Adam. :-)

Adam sent us a text message..."come on in and take some pictures." " mean it? I'll be right there!" I was so happy that he didn't mind me taking a few inside prom. He gave me a hug and kiss too. Adam made my night.

This was a quick random shot on my way out. The place was decorated so beautiful. The staff, parents, and students all did a great job. It was an elegant evening....until....the after party. The Parent Club hosted a fun night for all with inflatables. They had obstacle courses, walls to climb, boxing name it. Adam was exhausted by the end of the night. All good, clean, sweaty fun.
(Just in case you are wondering...Adam is a day student at a boarding school. There are quite a few international students. He has made a lot of new and diverse's been a blessing to him. Oh, and Lucey is a hit with all the kids.....)

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