Thursday, May 6, 2010

My Reader--

It's that time of year, the end of another school year is approaching quickly. School research projects, field trips, music recitals, award ceremonies etc...

This morning Lucey and I went to an award ceremony for students who read...a lot.

Andrew is our reader. Congratulations, Andrew!! I hope you always have a love affair with books. What a gift.

I was worried I was going to be late. I had a 9:00 appointment this morning and the award ceremony was at 10:00. Thankfully the school was running a wee bit behind schedule.

Lucey sat through my 9:00 meeting. She was so good. She sat at my feet and played with Lego's. We then raced to the school where she sat for another hour playing with my phone. (It really needs a good cleaning now and she has erased a few things off of my main page...I think she called you, Renee. ;-) ) Whatever helps keep her busy.

Poor thing is toted along to all of our events...she can climb into the car and up into her car seat with out any help. Here she is waiting to get in...again.

We got home and had an early lunch. I let her have a chocolate Newman O. What a messy face. She absolutely loved the chocolate. She has had very little chocolate in her little life. Yummo! Now it's time for an early nap. :-)

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