Thursday, May 27, 2010

St. Louis Visit Part I

Thank you for your prayers; my drive to St. Louis was so simple and quick. Lucey did great. We only stopped once when she told me she needed to go potty. Such a big girl. Our first stop, our wonderful friends: Katie, Jim and Ben. They made us feel at home. Guess what? It was all about me again...they celebrated my birthday! A big cake with butterflies and some wonderful gifts. What a huge surprise for me. They spoiled Lucey with a lot of gifts too. We felt like princesses. :-) (Katie...the outfits are washed, pressed and ready to wear! They are adorable!)

This is Katie and I.

Katie had some wonderful toys waiting for Lucey in her living room. Lucey was in complete toy heaven.

Maybe you remember, Katie was Andrew and Christian's piano teacher. Of course she would have a toy piano for Lucey. Katie is playing "twinkle" while Lucey plays her flute.

This is Ben; Adam's best friend. Such a neat guy! We love Ben!
This weekend also happened to be Katie's' birthday. Happy birthday, Katie! I had such a great time celebrating with you.
We are lucky to have Katie and Ben arriving at our house tomorrow afternoon to spend the holiday weekend with us. Adam and the boys can't wait. My trip to St. Louis was a bit hectic. I was at Children's Hospital so Katie and I did not get much time together. We are going to relax this weekend and enjoy one another.
I'll post part II of our trip--soon. It will be all about our cranio-facial team visit. What a crazy day that was! I learned a lot. Was surprise by a few findings and totally spent by the end of the day. Lucey had a melt down and I was on the verge of one. We survived. I know The Lord was in the midst of our day but it was a challenge.

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  1. Just found your blog.. love it! what a beautiful little girl you have
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