Thursday, May 20, 2010

Lucey's Appointment

Lucey and I are off to St. Louis in a few hours. We meet with her cranio-facial team tomorrow. It will be a full day for Miss Lucey Lu. I'm eager to talk to her plastic surgeon and start making plans for her medical future. This summer she will have the first of many surgeries and I have so many questions. Please pray with me for wisdom and clear thinking as I ask questions tomorrow. Ron and I have prayed together and feel confident in the choices we are making for Lucey but there is a part of me not at peace. I want that peace that passes all understanding. I know what that peace feels like. I experienced that peace while Ron was in Iraq. I know I need to completely surrender Miss L.L. to our sweet Lord.

Ron will not be able to go with me. He needs to be here with the boys. They have so much going on and their schedule is full. A funny thing...Ron is actually on his way back from St. Louis as I type. We are going to meet somewhere on I-70 for a cup of coffee, a hug and a prayer. This how our life is....we are passing each other a lot of the time.

Thank you so much for your prayers.


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