Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Weekend--Off and Running

We have some fun events planned for this weekend along with some spring cleaning and some recovering too.

The recovering....I took Andrew and Christian to a last minute doctor's appointment last Wednesday because of their asthma and other allergy symptoms. They both have been using their rescue inhalers and Christian had an audible wheeze. Andrew had hives. The medications they were using were not helping. Their teacher was not happy when I showed up to sign them out of class. I have never seen her get so flustered. The boys said she was really upset when the office called and told her I would be coming. They are working on research papers and this was going to be an inconvenience to the schedule. Let's see......breathing vs. school? A no brainer when you have an asthmatic child (two in my case). Both boys were in the yellow zone....meaning, caution... we upped their steroid and added some other medications. Their doctor looked in their throats and noticed they were red. They were tested for strep. I thought for sure, since they never complained about a sore throat (probably because the asthma was most stressful), that the redness was due to their post nasal drip. I got a call yesterday that Christian does in fact have strep. The nurse told me that I could pick up his penicillin and that they were watching Andrew's culture. Gee Whiz! He has not felt well but has been going to school. I can't believe I didn't catch this. So, this weekend is about resting and healing for him. They both are breathing better.

Today was the post-wide yard sale. We didn't have anything to sell but we have been cleaning the garage and basement. We had several things to give away to include a HUGE desk that was taking up space in our garage. It was on the curb for about 10 min. when the guys from the firehouse came to take it off our hands. Yippee!!! They needed a new desk and we are glad we could be of help. The boys are cleaning the cars and I'm still working on the basement.

As far as fun....Adam is getting ready for his first prom. Ron picked up his tuxedo (the store was close to where he works) last Wed. It fit him well except for the shirt. Yesterday, after some confusion, Ron was able to get a smaller size. Adam modeled for me last night, he looked so handsome. He went and got a haircut a few hours ago...he's looking sharp. He picked up his date's's perfect. I know she will love it.

In a few hours he will be going up to the town where he goes to school to pick up his date and have pictures taken with his group of 40! Yes, 40! They are all going out to dinner in another town and then back to the first town for their prom which is held at a conference center. The parents club has rolled out the red carpet and all parents are invited to come and take pictures as each couple is announced and strolls the red carpet. I'll be there for sure with my Nikon! I'll post pictures tonight!

We have some fun things planned for Andrew, Christian, and Lucey a little later this evening. The boys have something special in mind for Adam's birthday so we will be shopping for those two gifts. They get so excited about their gift ideas.

Tomorrow, early evening, we are taking Adam out to his favorite Chinese Restaurant for his 17th birthday. His birthday is on Monday but with track and school projects due....he can't spare us much time on Monday. So Sunday we celebrate his 17 years! I need to make his cake this afternoon. I'm sure christian will help me. This year will be a quiet celebration with just the 6 of us. It's what Adam wanted. He really does not like to be the center of attention.

Going back to last weekend--

Adam was in his school play, (click here to learn more about the play) "The Boys Next Door." The cast has been working on it for almost 4 months. It was a tough play to pull together but it came together beautifully. The cast performed very well. Christian and Lucey went with us while Andrew, who was not feeling well, stayed home. Lucey sat for almost the entire two hours. At the very end she got squirmy and Ron had to take her to rear of the auditorium.

Posing with Adam after the play.

I'm doing better with my zoom lens but not in a dark place. These pictures did not turn out well. Adam is in the center, back row.

Adam directed the small ensemble during intermission. It was funny....Adam is playing a germ-a-phobic and he is giving one of his coaches a hard time.

Adam--far right.
Last year, Adam complained that the play was not ready to be performed. He was wrong...the play was wonderful. He said the same thing this year. Why do I believe him? He was wrong was terrific. :-)

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