Thursday, April 22, 2010

Adam's First Meet

Tuesday- April 20th--Adam ran in his first track meet of the season. Andrew and Christian had soccer practice and Ron is in town this week so he was able to be with the younger boys. Lucey and I drove an hour to the middle of nowhere to meet up with Adam and were able to see him run his first race. BTW: The drive was beautiful! I'm glad my car didn't break down ;).

The 400m "sprint". The 400 is a test of you against your body. How long can you run fast without giving into the pain, and how fast can you run? It looks painful. This was the first time Adam had run this race. He did well. I'm proud of him.

Getting set...

He's off...

That's Adam, right there in the middle of the photo. I love that I caught him in a mid air stride..

Closing in on the finish.

Giving it his all.

Waiting on the results. He didn't place...but that's okay...his teammate placed. Go MH-MA! (That didn't come out right...they are a team and although Adam did was also good to see a MH-MA student's a small school and they are all in it together.)

Preparing for his next race.

With a few of his teammates.
He is getting ready to run the 800m. A short distance run. The 800 is a test of you against the rest of the racers. Can you stay close enough to out run them at the end, or can you take the pace out quick enough that they can't catch you at the end?

Adam and his teammate ran it together.

Starting out...

Pacing himself.

In the hunt.

Fighting fatigue.

Getting advice from the coaches after the race.
What does Lucey do to occupy herself while I'm taking pictures and cheering Adam on?

Bubbles of course. Getting sloppy sticky with them. Mixed with playing in some gravel. Having an accident because I didn't get her to the potty in time. I practically gave her a bath in the restroom in between races. Ha! I had a change of clothes for her so we were good.

She actually made some bubbles. She was working hard at it.

She was careful with the bubbles....not to spill the container.

She's using her left hand, Ron! Ron told me recently that he never sees her using her left hand. That's all I ever see her use. Hmmmm...we will see.

She was such a good little traveler and was so happy to see Adam when he was done with his race. It was a good time!


  1. i miss u guy so much you guys rock how are adam,lucy,andrew,and chritan doing

  2. Hi Travis--Thanks for keeping up with us through the blog. We miss you too, Travis!!! Tell your family hello for us. The boys say hello too. I'll have them call you!


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