Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Dancing With Daddy & Other Pictures

Just like all little girls...Our Lucey Lu loves to play dress up. A few days a week she slips into this "fluffy" princess costume. Ron came home from work and got so tickled over Lucey's love for twirling in all pink. Of course he had to join in for a twirl around the room with his girl.....

It's been so nice here...we have the perfect playground that is sized for Lucey. She is safe to climb, run and play. Her body is getting stronger and her balance is better.

Lucey loves snuggling in Adam's arms...I'm quite sure they are watching D*ra. Adam doesn't mind. The snuggling is mutual.

I need to get this girl some more dress up clothes. It's not raining nor is it chilly outside...Don't you love the rain boots on the wrong feet with her windbreaker and D*ra panties?

I know her birth mom could not support Lucey's needs. We can though and we feel so blessed that we are able to share our faith with her....that she will know her heavenly Father.....that we will all draw upon the Lord's strength and His provision as we approach summer and Lucey's first surgery. We will need your prayers. We will keep you posted as summer nears. Thank you for your support, concern and most of all....love.

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  1. Hi Beth. Such cute pictures - my two youngest girls love dress up too and never seem to tire of whirling and dancing around. I have been absentee for a long time and was interested to learn that little Lucey will begin her surgery regimen this summer. I am both sorry to hear this and yet anxious to see what God has in store for her. We too are facing a rather extensive surgery for Ruthie, and it has been scheduled for June 7th. She will be hospitalized for at least 7 days afterwards. I'm tired already! I don't know if I'll blog during that time or not. It has been somewhat freeing not spending so much time on the internet, and yet I have missed keeping up some of my internet friends and their families as well. If you ever would like to contact me directly (no pressure), feel free to use my e-mail address of rlshoemate @ msn.com. I will make more of an effort to keep track of what is happening with Lucey as the summer draws near. Blessing to your family, and happy spring!


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