Tuesday, February 23, 2010

More Snow

The snow started last Saturday night which made for a little bit of a scary ride home from the dance. It snowed all day Sunday and school was called off yesterday.

This picture was taken on Sunday.

The boys were good about shoveling.....again and they took Lucey out to play. This is Andrew with Lucey.

We had SUN!!!! Lucey wore her new sunglasses given to her by Jia and Joy...go check out Joy's blog. She is inspirational! Lucey and Jia have a lot in common too. Thank you, Joy...Lucey loves to wear her sunglasses.

Making snowballs with Christian.

Shoveling the snow just like her big brothers.

Andrew taking Lucey for a ride on her sled.

"I had such a great time with my brothers! I've worked up an appetite..."

The boys went back to school today...Lucey and I stayed in for most of the day. Lucey decided she wanted to be a princess....she twirled in her dress all morning.

All fluff!

She has all her bracelets too. The one her Godmother, Renee, gave her is always on her little wrist and then she adds the costume pieces too. As I type....she is playing with transformers and her firetruck. So, she is pretty diverse. Prefers pink though!
I feel SO much better today. Wow!!! I have a lot more energy and I'm so happy!

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