Friday, February 26, 2010

TGIF--Tidy Up

Lucey and I spent some time organizing. Over the days that I was not feeling well, she managed to bring every toy from her room down to the living room. Lucey has a lot of puzzles; every puzzle piece (which was MANY), every block, every Leg*, every magnetic letter and number, every tea cup and saucer and little spoons, every Mrs. Potat* Head piece, every book from her book shelf, and every Little Person was away from their "home." She loves to "put in" "take out" count, reorganize. So....we had to take everything back upstairs and put every little piece back to their original spot. She loved being the helper.

This is her little spot in the living room where just a day ago we could not see the floor. much better. On a side note: the 4 guys in the house were oblivious that there was a huge mess in the making. They kept stepping over the toys. And let me tell you....this was all right in the path to the computer so there was a lot of "stepping over" going on...."I'm just saying....."

All of her toys are back in place; ready to be played with again.

The boys made a shield with the sleds for their snowball fight with the neighbors. Lucey is tucked behind...still shoveling.

Here we go again..."putting in-" Her tea cups, saucers and spoons are in her lunch box. She loves to open, close and tote things around. She is ready to have another tea party...I love having tea with my girl.

Miss Lucey is ready to play!
Ron has work out of town this weekend and he is taking Andrew and Christian with him. They will swim, dine and hang out with their Dad at the university. I'm glad they will have this time together. Adam, Lucey and I have made some plans of our own....
Have a Blessed weekend!


  1. Hi Beth,

    Thank you for the birthday wishes! I think your new blog design looks great! You're right, it is definitely a learning process. I still feel like I need to tweak mine a little, but it's fine for now.

    I can't wait to have tea parties with Hannah. Have a great time this weekend with Lucey!


  2. Awesome pics! I always love looking at Lucey!!! :) keep praying.... I'm not giving up! ♥

    Hey, e-mail me your address too! You won my RAK this week! Need to send your goodies to you!


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