Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Troops-Random Photos

It's been awhile since I have are some random pictures of the Tucker Troops.

Lucey is all set for the cold wintry weather we have been having. FYI--She has snow pants and boots too.....this day was just a-run errands-day.

Some quiet time to kick back and relax.

Andrew, Christian and Adam's first snow day on Dec. 8th. Andrew and Christian were up early and ready to shovel. When you're's sooooo much fun. Adam is still in bed of course. On a side note....Doesn't this look like Grant Wood's "American Gothic"--hee, hee. I mean ho-ho-ho!

When you're two, house hold chores are sooooo much fun. The back pack is a must these days.

My handsome Adam.

Dec. 1st... Thank you to the Butler's who sent early Christmas presents to The Troops.....The boys knew what they were and were eagerly anticipating this day. These calendars are so fun, cute and delicious too.

Andrew is bundled this morning for a cold walk to school.

Christian.....My Happy guy!
Check back soon, I'm working on updating my blog (Nov. journaling....) we have been so busy and my lap top gave out. I have had to download my pictures on to our desk top. I'm trying to adjust. This may be a blogging no-no but I'm going to go back and post the original dates to my will have to scroll past this entry to see my new posts.
I love this time of year and we are focusing on all of the many blessings in our lives...especially Lucey and what a gift she is to our family. I hope you too are feeling blessed during this Holy Season.

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