Saturday, November 7, 2009

My Boy Scouts

Andrew and Christian are new Boy Scouts. Today they got themselves ready to sell wreaths for their troop fundraiser. I did not tell them to get ready or prompt them to be responsible to do their part. They, on their own, wanted to go sell their wreaths because they have enthusiasm to do so. They are so excited about scouting. I'm thrilled that they are self-motivated. It hasn't always been that way for my guys. It's been a journey in maturing (and we are still working on this). I pat them on the back today and say, "good for you guys!"

The boys practiced how to stand tall and speak up. They rehearsed what they were going to say and they worked out a sales plan. Adam helped them too and went along with them for safety and a bit of reassurance. "Thank you Adam, for encouraging them."

Lucey wanted to be in a picture too...."Peace!"

While they are out....I'm registering Adam for the ACT...There is always something that needs to be attended to. This is important for Adam and he has been taking time on the weekends to prepare for this exam. Life is exciting and the boys are growing up. They have their areas of interest and responsibilities. It's such an exhausting time rewarding-busy time in our lives right now. There are days I do miss those little years when Adam was 5 and the twins were in their exersaucers spinning around and was busy looking after them but it really was a very simple time. Those years went fast. (Now I sound like an old Mom.) What a blessing to have Lucey in our takes me back to those years. I really appreciate more now than ever, sitting on the floor and reading, doing puzzles, counting, colors and watching a little one learn. Preparing a little one for the real world....thank you Lord that I'm trusted to do this all over again.


  1. oh dear friend, I know just what you mean about missing the simple time but I am so thrilled that we can go anywhere with out a U-Haul for all the "equipment" of the simple times. HA!!!
    we're back in Korea now and looking foward to getting out and exploring next weekend now that we have the basics covered at the house. Miss you all! much love Stacy

  2. Stacy--Friend.....please email me with your current info!! I tried writing and the email came back....isn't that the is right! Remember the two back packs I got at my we used those things! I even grocery shopped with one on my back...

  3. we had two of our hard drives crash as we were leaving CO and I lost so many addresses and favorites, I was suprised to be able to get to your blog again after such a long time and so many unsuccessful attempts. You can email me at or
    or snail mail to:
    HHB 2-1 ADA
    Unit 15754 box 126
    APO AP 96260-5754
    much love, light, joy, and positivity to you and yours this wonderful holiday season!


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