Friday, December 11, 2009

School Days

I don't believe I have posted a picture of Adam in his school uniform. As he was going out the door I was behind him reminding him to tuck in his shirt. I know, such a Mom----oh brother! I'm sure if he doesn't, he will be reminded by the head mistress. The back of Adam's shirt was untucked a few months ago and SHE told him to see her after school to be written up for a detention. Adam slid by without one but still....rules are rules, Adam. Yesterday at school he was handed a can of shaving cream and a razor...yep...too much facial hair (Adam is so proud of his thick beard). He shares his stories with so much humor and he is so good natured. We all get a kick out of Adam. Gee....if that's the worst of his infractions...he will be okay.

I wonder if it's okay to have the sleeves rolled up like that? Hmmmmm...better get out the handbook.
Lucey wanted to be in a picture. The big purse and all.

Loving Adam.....

Adam gets such a kick out of Lucey....they are so sweet together.

Even Max has a big heart and concern for Lucey. He barks and sometimes scares other little ones because he does not do well with children running around our home. But Lucey can run, jump, screech, tug, pull, hug, and kiss Max and he just let's her do what she wants to him. If she is crying in her crib, Max lays in front of her bedroom door until we arrive. He is a sweet old dog.
Maxed was groomed yesterday by a new lady. I was informed that he was given a special herbal essential oil massage treatment since she knew he was getting older. His coat was so soft and he smelled wonderful. You know, I could really use one of those!

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