Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Our Home--Our Life

So we live in Military Housing. This is a beautiful Fort. There are gorgeous historic homes (unfortunately there wasn't one available for us when we arrived) and such rich history here. We have an abundance of walking trails and big beautiful old trees. The kids are safe and can ride their bikes everywhere. We do like our home...I don't love it. It's a challenge to decorate. I finally hung some curtains in the dinning area. I had these from a previous home we owned.

We have a very small foyer and no "mud room." With 4 kids this can be a challenge with book bags, shoes and coats. I had to make the decision to use our foyer functionally. I hung this black and cream toile valance from a previous home, I have a table that usually holds a basket with our mail and there is a bowl that keeps our keys. Some day I will have a grand foyer that says, "Welcome." For now it says, "Come on in and dump your stuff."

The boys are at school as I type....I should take a picture after they arrive...this space will be crazy with shoes, coats, book bags and musical instruments. Actually, I do have them take some things up to their room but it takes awhile for things to migrate up. I'm sure some of you know what I'm talking about. (There is a black bench with a shelf with baskets under the peg rack...that helps a little)

The chairs I ordered finally arrived. I like them even better than the little fabric swatch in which I made the decision. Whew. On a side note...this room is like a bowling alley....24 x 11 1/2 a challenge. We have 8 foot ceilings with a 12 x24 inch (wide) beam that hangs down and is not even centered in the middle of the room. You can kind of see it in the right hand corner of the picture. We can't paint....any suggestions?

It took me awhile to get all of us organized. Our last few homes had desks built into the kitchen with so much room for organizing and storing files. This kitchen does not even include a pantry for food...so here is our organizational space with docking station. I have a master calendar and then I also have a big weekly calendar that has exactly 6 spaces for each person in our family to write each of their activities that hangs on the refrigerator. That was a mouth full.

I was looking all over for a table for Lucey. She loves to write and color. I have two darling chairs from my friend Catherine that belonged to her when she was a child so all I needed was a table. I spotted this one in a window of an antique store. This table came with chairs so now I need to refinish the other little chairs. Lucey has one in her room she loves to sit in. Just her size.

We thought about putting the table here...

We ended up with the table in the kitchen; a perfect spot for Lucey since I spend a lot of time in the kitchen. The dresser behind her that is used to keep us organized also keeps Lucey's coloring books and other craft items.

I bought Lucey her first pair of C*nverse tennis shoes. They are so adorable and were only $8.00 at Dill*rd's. They have what looks like hand stitched flowers on them. I wish you could see them. Click on the photo and you can see how sweet those little tennis are....and L.L.!

Lucey has been going potty daily on her little potty chair. She goes every time she sits down. We are so proud of her. I'm sure it won't be long and she will be wearing big girl undies.

We all fight over who is going to sit in the comfy red chair. Today, Lucey got it all to herself.

I hope I didn't bore anyone. I'm sure I did though. I take photos of each house we live in. I know, someday, we will get a kick out of these pictures and how we lived each time we moved.
"Home Is Where The Army Sends You." I always try to make our house a home.

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  1. I think your house looks wonderful. I always admire people who can decorate well, and you do a very nice job. One of my sisters is very talented in this way, and I have to wonder why I only limp through in this area.

    You wrote me such a very nice note in early September, and I have to apologize for not responding. We have had H1N1, and while the kids' version only lasted about 6-7 days, mine brought me down for the count. After 3-1/2 weeks, I finally convinced myself that I would live... ugh! Anyway, I wanted to thank you for your kind words and your prayers for my boys. I told Sam, and he said thank you very much, but he would REALLY appreciate it if you would pray for his friend, Robert. Robert is a nonbeliever who majored in psychology. He is very antagonist towards Christianity, and yet he has allowed Sam to share with him. If you remember, please pray that Robert's heart will be opened to the Word. Thanks so much!


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