Saturday, September 19, 2009

Nell Hill's Here We Come

Why are we smiling? We are heading to our favorite store--Nell Hill's. Yippee!

My Auntie M. and I have been talking about this for awhile now. My Aunt and I love to shop, talk and laugh when we get together and we sure do a lot of that. This day was Nell Hill's open house so we got to tour the owner, Mary Carol Garrity's home. She has a lovely home and she gives bright, new and fresh ideas every time we get the privilege to tour her home. She hires a shuttle to take shoppers up to her house and she is always there to welcome's so much fun! If you ever get to the Kansas City area I recommend making this one of your stops. She has a new need to take a peek, here.

The art on my wall behind us came from her shop. I have quite a few decorative pieces I have acquired over the past three times we have been stationed in this area of the country.

Auntie M., thank you for such a fun afternoon. Our guys had fun too...while us ladies were shopping, Uncle Paul and Ron were golfing. They have a great relationship too.

I put dinner in the crock pot so it was ready when we returned. What a fabulous time we had together.

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