Sunday, September 13, 2009

Remembering 9-11

Where were you when you heard the news? I was in the Chapel at Ft. Polk, LA. I was running late that day; I took the twins to the day care room and Adam to the homeschool room. I quietly entered the chapel and joined all who were led in prayer by the Chaplain. I had no idea of what was going on. The Chaplain did not know the scope of what was happening but he knew we needed to pray. We then went to the television to watch in disbelief as we saw the towers fall. We saw the hole in the Pentagon and prayed for our people. It's still hard to put into words what I was feeling that day. I scooped the boys up and headed back for home. As I was driving I saw Soldiers preparing....preparing for what? Preparing to defend our country--to protect us. Our lives changed drastically that day. Our Post was closed. We had Humvees with armed Soldiers driving in our neighborhood. Ron was the Senior Observer Controller for training all of the Air Defense Soldier's in our Army. Training changed that day. I changed that day. I stopped thinking about Ron's retirement and stopped complaining how hard the military life is (okay, sometimes I still grumble). I am proud to be an American and I'm proud to serve along side my Hero, my husband.

Today we headed back to St. Louis...

The boys were great in helping me prepare for the trip. They helped with Lucey, Adam gassed up the car for me and Christian helped make lunch, Andrew entertained Lucey. Getting the 5 of us ready for a road trip is quite a process. It's difficult for me. Is it just me or can anyone else relate to this? Anyway, it was a beautiful day so we stopped and ate lunch at this rest stop.

We checked into the hotel and then walked to the stadium. Ron gave the oath to new recruits. I've said this before, I always get teary when he does a swearing in ceremony. These young men and women volunteering to serve during uncertain times. They are true American Heroes. The Cardinal Baseball organization did a fantastic job celebrating our country that night. Children sung patriotic songs. An Eagle (our national symbol since 1782) flew in a circle around the stadium. New recruits were honored.
A picture of Ron saluting....

We had a very special guest with us, our Nephew, Derrick. He came all the way from Florida to spend the weekend with us. I have beautiful pictures of him with our kids but I did not get permission to post his picture on our blog. He is one handsome guy and has the greatest personality. We were blessed to have him for the weekend. He is going through a medical struggle. I'm asking you to pray for him. Thank you.
We also got to spend the evening with these great guys. Ron's high school friend life long friend (Ron corrected me...I'm sorry!), Craig and his Dad, Jay. They are so much fun and so great to be with. Thank you for all the pictures, Jay!! They turned out great. PS....We need to get together soon!
Mom and Dad joined us too....we were all invited to the Anheuser Busch Suite----NICE! We spent some time talking to Whitey Herzog and Dan Cox. They were very personable. To quote my Mom, "We miss Whitey Ball!" The 1980's....great Cardinal Baseball!
Lucey had a great time too. She always does. She's a girl who likes to be out and about.

Dad and I. Fun times.

The evening is coming to an end.

Derrick brought gifts for the boys and Lucey. Thank you, Aunt Heather, for the Gator T-Shirts and the Cind*rella Baby for Lucey.

Spetember 12th, we took a stroll through the City Garden. Christian was not feeling well; he stayed at the hotel and rested. We sure missed you Christian.

Giant bronze head resting on its side by Igor Mitoraj. Hmmmm interesting.

Crossing the stones with a little help.

Andrew on the giant Bunny....This ones for you, Aunt Bunny.

Meeting up with Daddy. Ahhhh, nothing better than a strong shoulder to rest the head.

After our stroll through the garden it was time to meet friends at the Science Center for a last minute meeting. Thank you Katie, Ben and Savannah for joining us. Nana and Papa came too and went to the Omnimax with Andrew, Christian and Ron.
Katie, our chat wasn't long enough.

We ate on the Hill that night....oh how we love Italian Food.
The girls...Savannah was there too but we didn't want to take her away from Adam's side. :-)

Sunday morning it was to the airport to say good-bye to Derrick. :-(
Lucey is taking a morning rest.
This weekend was packed and the best was yet to come...on our way home we stopped by my Sister and Brother-in law's house and met our nephew/cousin for the first time. Welcome home D.! What a beautiful little guy and so happy! We love you so much!
Lucey was quite jealous of me holding him. Jen's not comfortable with D.'s picture on our blog so you get a little peek of his beautiful hair!

What a special weekend!

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