Thursday, August 27, 2009

Tid Bits About Our Week

I really think that things should be slowing down a little as we get used to the school schedule mixed with homework and activities. Ron has to travel quite a bit too. I spend a lot of my time in the car (like all of you Mom's out there) and I'm okay with that. It's a me thing....I'll be honest, I'm still trying to get organized. Our schedule is packed. Ron was gone last week and he was supposed to be gone this week. Ron gave me a wonderful gift, he saw that I needed an extra hand and decided to work close to home this week. He's been driving Adam to school in the mornings. Yesterday morning (very early!) all three boys had Dr. appointments and he went with me...I went in with Adam and he went in with Andrew and Christian and we took turns juggling Lucey. A couple of other things came up this week and he was there to "fix" it. How grateful I am! Thank you so much, Ron!!! I love you!

Today, Lucey and I stayed home.....what a wonderful blessing for both of us. I'm gearing up for the evening...I need to pick Adam up from soccer practice (his school is 25 miles from home) and then it's piano lessons for the twins. I'm ready!

8/24: Andrew and Christian are ready to walk to school....Lucey and I always stand outside and wave good-bye as they start out on their 10 minute walk with all the kids in the cul-de-sac.

Andrew came bursting through the door this afternoon and was talking a mile a minute. There is a book reading competition and he wants to win. Andrew LOVES to read. He loves his books and takes such great care of them. They are precious to him. The first place we visited at the school was...yes, you guessed it....the Library. He couldn't wait to meet the librarian. I believe that Andrew is on his way to meeting his goal. I just love this about you put your all into everything you do.

8/25: Lucey went to the child care room at the chapel this morning. I'm involved in a women's ministry every Tuesday morning. She did fantastic! This was her second time going. She walked right in and found a puzzle to work with. I kissed her good-bye and she was just fine. Now, she was eager to see me when I picked her up 2 1/2 hours later and tried to slip out the door when she saw me coming. I got big hugs. She made this piece of "art".....don't you know what it is? It's a watermelon of course! :-)
Lucey also had a doctor's appointment this week. A few of you have asked me if she has grown much. My answer....a tad. Lucey is almost 27 months old. In this picture she is wearing 18 month chinos. Now they are a little high waterish. I have been buying her 24 month clothes but they are a little loose on her but she needs them for the length. She weighs 23 pounds and is 34 1/4 inches tall. I would say she has grown taller but has not gained so much in weight. She eats so well and quite a lot. She is also very busy. The doctor said she looked great! That's all I need to hear. She also has a referral for a cardiologist. Lucey has a heart murmur along with a hole in her heart. We just need to know a little more information on that part of her.

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  1. You are doing a marvelous job keeping up with your blog! I love all the new pictures and seeing how much Lucey continues to change. You have such a beautiful family and I feel for you with all the different schedules. In the next couple of weeks, we will be starting flag football, dance, and piano. I'm trying to enjoy the last few nights of nothing!!

    I will be praying for Lucey's cardiologist visits. I hope all goes well. Meah will be having the second BAHA surgery on October 12. I'm anxious to see how much this helps her. I think it will be incredible.



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