Sunday, August 30, 2009

School is in Full Swing

The boys just finished their third week of school. Today they brought home their Friday Folder with graded papers and exams. They both had a great week and feel good about school so far. I'm so relieved. Just a little bragging (this is our family journal and these are good memories to hold on to)....they came home so excited on Friday telling me how they both were the last standing in a class spelling contest to face each other. Not just once but twice. They said the kids in their class thought it was fun the first time saying things like, "Brother against brother", "Twin against twin." I'm not going to say who won both times I'm proud of both of them.

School picture day.

Lucey likes to sit between the boys at the bar while they have a snack and do homework. Christian is working hard and Lucey is having her drink.

Adam had his first soccer game on Friday and played Varsity. They played a good game but they lost. It was a beautiful evening to be out. We are loving this beautiful, cool weather. Adam is in the rear of the photo....number 17. (Click photo to enlarge.)

Adam is walking off the field...just wanted to catch his number.

Lucey had so much fun playing on the sidelines...we brought a ball for her and Andrew played with her. Christian has been under the weather and stayed at home.

Our Lucey....Daisy Girl.

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