Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Wizards

Last Saturday night, July 25...our family went to our first professional soccer game. It just so happened that the Kansas City Wizards played The Los Angeles Galaxy...David Beckham's team. The stadium was sold out. Many wore Beckham jerseys...many cheered like crazy when he was announced. There were quite a few who booed as well. A little bit of controversy I would say. It was a great game and a fun experience for all of us. The Butler family supplies our boys with soccer jerseys....the boys wore their newest favorite that night.

Christian being silly before the game....Andrew has such a cute face.

The tailgate food was delicious....wonderful food and an open bar.

There's Ron with the game ball. He's going in for the coin toss.

Adam with Lucey...There is Retired Sergeant Major and Mrs. Gooden. I talked with them for a long time. They are are such a wonderful couple.

Andrew and Christian spot the dessert inside the suite.

Ron's walking out to the field.

David Beckham number 23.

My kiddos!!!

Swearing in more recruits during half time. Ron got to say a few words....he had the crowd cheering. A very pro-military crowd.

I'm so proud of these new recruits.

Me and my guy.

I love the Army Humvee parked at the entrance.
A fun night!!

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