Wednesday, July 29, 2009

We had visitors on Monday the 27th--Elizabeth and her girls, Regan and Madeline and little guy, Clifford. They also brought Sarah, Elizabeth's Mom. We had a nice lunch together and then we were off to the pool.

Elizabeth with Regan (behind the chair), Madeline sitting with Clifford. Regan and Madeline are the sweetest, most well mannered girls. They are so easy to visit with and I think they had fun with the boys.

Clifford and Lucey enjoyed each other and gave a few kisses to one another too. Lucey is about
3 1/2 months older than Clifford. Lucey shared all of her toys. Good girl Lucey.

Madeline was so sweet to play with the little ones.

Adam with Sarah and Regan.

I'm with my friend Elizabeth....we met 16 years ago at Ft. Campbell. We've watched our children grow and now we have little ones again. It's so neat to see our kids get along so well. Elizabeth and her family live in Colorado but her parents live here, near us. We will get to see them more often.
Thanks for the fun time!

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