Thursday, July 30, 2009

Our Lovely Lucey Lu

Lucey looked so cute in her new outfit so I had to take some shots. She now smiles for the camera saying "Cheeeeeez." She always needs to see the image on the camera after the shot. She is communicating more and more. She uses quite a bit of sign language still and she uses words. We are having a hard time understanding her but we try and want her to know we love that she is using words. She was saying "eus" the other day.....over and over. Then it dawned on me.....Jesus! She was right in front of the wall where the resurrected Jesus is hanging in our home.

She learned the sign for "help" and used in context right away. She will tug on her micro-ear and then use the sign for help. It always chokes me up....I always say, "Yes Lucey....we are going to help your ear.....we love your ear, we love you!" and we give it lots of smooches! She is so ticklish. Then she giggles. She is so smart.

She has grown...a little taller and a little heavier. She is not as frail as she used to be. She is getting stronger. She can do the steps one foot at a time. Her legs have really developed.

Cheezing for the camera.

Max and Lucey looking out the kitchen window....planning their escape. Well, I'm sure that's what Max is doing.

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