Saturday, August 1, 2009

Adam Is Off To The Sunshine State

We dropped Adam off at the airport today. He is taking a vacation with his best friend Ben. Ben's parents, our dear friends, Katie and Jim, invited Adam to go along with them. He flew to Dallas where he met Ben and Jim and then on to Ft. Lauderdale where they were meeting up with Katie. Because of bad weather, Adam's flight was delayed an hour. We took him to get a bite to eat and watched him go through security.....I think Adam was more than ready to get rid of us...the hovering parents that we are. Adam had another 1 1/2 hours to wait. Every year we see such maturity in Adam. I can't believe we just left him at the airport while he waited for his flight. I have confidence in Adam that he will be just fine navigating around.

Just arriving.

Adam has his bagel sandwich and is ready to go through security.

Saying goody-bye to Dad. Adam's face says it all ("okay already....I'm fine! Bye for the last time and yes, I'll be prudent with my spending"). Adam's is our sarcastic child. Adam makes me laugh.

Bye Adam! I've got to get in one last hug. "Don't forget to pick up after yourself".
I'm sure he was never so happy to make it through security.
We heard from Adam after he landed in Dallas and found his connection.
We will see you next Friday. Love you Adam!!!

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