Saturday, July 25, 2009

Snuggling After a Bath & Blessings

Lucey loves bath time and so do Ron and I. I would say that Ron bathes Lucey more than I. It's his time with her and they do a lot of snuggle time. He wraps her in a towel and swings her like she is in a hammock. It's so cute to see Daddy with his little girl. I bathed Lucey last night and we have our routine too. She is so girlie and loves when I blow dry her hair. It's gets so beautiful. Her hair glistens.

Lucey loves to be wrapped up in her towel.

Big smiles.

Ron went to the Cardinal last week with a very good friend from childhood, Craig and Craig's parents too. Ron always has fun meeting up with friends from the old neighborhood. These are the same friends who blessed Lucey with the beautiful bows and bow is Lucey wearing the new bow with her monogram....we just love it....thank you!!!

It's just so sweet!!! It was made by this store, Sian's Posh Boutique click here. I'm going to have to go shopping on the net. She has beautiful clothing too. I have a new nephew and I see a few possibilities for him. Thank you again!

Our friends, Jack and Laurie and their 4 children....triplets: Sarah, Megan, Jonathon and little girl, Ella sent these darling outfits by Gymb*ree. I remember years ago how their beautiful triplets were dressed in coordinating Gymb*ree outfits. They always looked like they stepped out of a catalog. Thank you for your generous gift. These outfits have ladybugs on them. How appropriate since it's the symbol of Chinese adoption.

Again, we feel so blessed by all of you and you have been so generous to us, to Lucey. Lucey will read this blog someday and know just how loved and welcomed she was into our family....her forever family. The Lord has answered so many prayers so specific to her. We know without a doubt she was meant to be with us. Our sweet Savior has wrapped His loving arms around our family and we feel so incredibly blessed.
Thank you for being a part of our journey.

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