Friday, July 24, 2009

Fun With Family--

This morning the Kids and I drove into Kansas City and spent most of the day with my Aunt Clare, Uncle Vic, Emily, Roger and their precious 2 year old twin boys, Asher and Evan. They have such a beautiful yard so we spent the entire time outside with all the toys...I mean to tell many toys, ride on vehicles, the pool and the sprinkler too. Lucey had such a great time, she didn't want to leave. Ron made a surprise appearance and had some lunch with us. Thank you for having was a most enjoyable day.

Lucey loved the water so much and spent a lot of time wading in the pool. There's Andrew talking with Uncle Vic in the back ground.

Evan got in and joined Lucey. Asher was fine kneeling beside the pool having fun with his boats.

They were so cute together. They did well for meeting for the first time.

We all decided to eat together at the small table. Lucey loved eating with the boys.

We are eating with Emily, Roger, Evan and Asher. Thank you for the delicious tasty.

Christian with Uncle Vic.

We brought Lucey's B*bby car....she loves it....she also has discovered she like the Little T*kes car too. In fact, they all did and did a pretty good job taking turns. They are painting the car with water.....a favorite past time.

More "painting" and more driving. Evan in, Asher out.

Lucey's back in the pool watering her legs with the watering can. She loved that.

This is a great shot of Lucey...beyond her, you can see the beautiful garden in the back ground. Uncle Vic gave me a tour.

Let me explain the goes back a few generations. Aunt Clare has a bucket of water for the kids and big paint brushes. This is such a hit, it cools the kids off and it's a lot of fun for them. I have never seen a cousin who did not like to paint the garage and Aunt Clare and Uncle Vic's house. :-) Christian is painting with Lucey.

Aunt Clare is organizing the little ones.

Ron and Uncle Vic.

Aunt Clare and Uncle Vic....thank you for having us....we always enjoy spending time with you.

Lucey warmed up to everyone. She did great. She has come along way. She has been having a little separation anxiety since moving to Kansas...she has been doing great as of this week.

Ron with Emily, Roger, Evan and Asher...beautiful family.
What a fun day!!!

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