Monday, July 20, 2009

Our Month in Pictures--

I have missed posting and I apologize for not responding to those of you who have sent me messages. I appreciate your encouragement and kind words. Thank you so much. I'll try and do better in the future. I'm still trying to get the house in order in between summer events.

Two days after the baseball game we sent Andrew and Christian off to camp. It was the hottest week of the year with the heat index at 110 consistent the entire week. It was their first camp experience and we wanted it to be a good one for them. I have to say, I was worried. They did great despite, sunburn, heat rash, bug bites and ticks. We are so proud of you Andrew and Christian!

We just signed them in and they put on their new shirts.

Finding their group.

I love my guys...I'm going to miss them.

They were least they have each other.

June 26th: We picked the boys up in the evening...this is their counselor, Nathan. Andrew and Christian had a great time and have so much more confidence after their experiences.

Andrew got a terrible burn the first day but he was a trooper. I was not real thrilled to see this. He healed fine.

Lucey is all girl....I was organizing my closet and she fell in love with this cute purse. She also put the head band in by herself. She cracks me up. She loves her bracelets!

Someone (Christian) has gone through a growth spurt. He is quite proud of that. He is taller by 2 inches but Andrew reminds him that he will always be older by a minute.

Ron had business in St. Louis the week before the 4th of July weekend. The kids and I joined Ron at the Hyatt near the St. Louis Arch on the 2nd of July. We were blessed to have spent time with friends and family that weekend. We hardly saw Adam....he hopped around with friends and had a great time. He really misses all of his friends and we were so happy that he could spend time with everyone.

Lucey joined Ron and I for a st*rbuck's coffee in the morning.

The 3rd of July was so much fun at the fair under the Arch. Lucey and I are ready to head out for the afternoon.

We took a stroll around the city.
Adam was out strolling with his friend Savannah. We joined them for a little time. I had the opportunity to spend some time with Savannah at the hotel while feeding Lucey lunch. Savannah is a very mature, intelligent young lady who also happens to be beautiful. I know Adam lights up when he is around her. :-)

Friends joined Adam and Savannah for the evening. I think they had a great time.

The fair is about to open and Andrew is ready to climb the rock climbing wall.

Lucey would climb it to if they would let her!

Andrew made the most of the fair experience and stepped right up for some face paint.

Lucey would rather pull her stroller than sit in it.

Christian and Lucey.

Andrew has his harness on and he is ready to climb.

Andrew was climbing quickly and easily.

Andrew made it to the top and rang the bell. Great job Andrew!!!

So much down the hill.

It was a large crowd.

Andrew bought himself a glow ring.

Lucey was enjoying a ride on Daddy's shoulders.

She has her glow necklace....she loved it!

We had to take Lucey back to the room for bedtime....tired girl. This is our view from our room. Everyone is getting ready for the fire works.

Lucey is ready for bed and I think Ron is too.

It's getting dark and the fireworks are ready to go. Ron took Christian outside and I stayed in with Lucey and Andrew. We had a wonderful view from our window.

Lucey in her pack and play...silly girl.

Andrew and I got cozy in the window ledge.

Our hotel was on the parade route the next day...on the 4th. It was so much fun.

There were some really clever floats.

We spent the 4th-7th with Nana and Papa. It rained on the fireworks that night.
We spent the 6th with my friend Renee and her sweet family....

Ian and Lucey are having a sucker. Lucey is loving the sucker; she has had only one other...when she had to have blood drawn. So good!

Andrew, Adam, Emma, Lauren and Christian playing a game.

I'm holding Emma, Renee holding Ian and beautiful Lauren. We really enjoyed our visit....thank you Renee, for a lovely lunch.

July 11th: Ron took us to the T-Bones baseball game....Lucey is eating a hotdog....this girl can chow!

Lucey was a busy girl and Andrew was trying to gain some control.

Andrew and Christian enjoyed arts and crafts at camp. This is Christian's candle that he made. It was really pretty and we enjoyed burning it.

I have been all over looking for new living room furniture. I found this couch at a local store very close to where we live. It was delivered today. I also ordered two chairs and an ottoman. I can't wait for them to arrive....I'll be posting pictures when they are delivered and set up in the house. This is a glimpes at the's a challenge to decorate milititary's coming along.

The couch is a black and cream floral toile....the picture doesn't really show it off well. We love it and it's very comfy.
There is more to took me days to get this done. We have been struggling with our phone and internet since we have lived here. Anway, hopefully we continue to be up and running and I'll get to add to our blog soon.
Blessings to you and yours.

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