Saturday, June 27, 2009

There's Strong, And Then There's Army Strong!

On Friday the 19th; the evening after the COC; Ron gave the oath to 23 recruits on Kauffman Field. That night the Royals played the Cardinals and we happen to be huge Cardinal fans. We are from St. Louis originally and so it was fitting to be there that night.

It was touching to see these young people take the oath knowing they are enlisting during non-peaceful times. I was proud to be there that night and I'm proud of Ron. It was in 1981 when Ron went to a recruiting station in St. Louis (In the same Battalion he now commands) and signed his papers.

Click HERE to see the Kansas City Star newspapers photo.

Ron and his staff take the field right before the oath.

These are young faces. It is my prayer that these recruits will stay safe and learn leadership skills that they will use for a lifetime.

There is our group...up there waving!

Ron and Lucey getting ready for the game to start.

We decided to have a bite to eat first and then go sit in our seats outside. The food was delicious and Lucey ate a lot!

"I'm taking a little break while my tummy settles from all that good food."

Andrew joins us for some cookies and a hug.

Lucey was having fun walking around, climbing on the railing and swinging from the dividing bar. Do I have a future gymnast?

We invited Mom and Dad to join us. I'm so happy they could share this event with us. Father's Day was two days later and I could not be with my Dad for that so this was the next best thing. Right Dad? Besides....The cards won 10-5!!! Go Cards!!!

A smooch for Daddy.

There was a fantastic fireworks display right after the game. What a great way to cap off our evening.

Lucey was still on the go and being pretty silly at 10:00 at night.
So far, we are really enjoying our time in the Kansas City area.


  1. I can't believe you have already unpacked and even hung pictures. You are really amazing. You must have this moving thing down to a science! You even painted the walls of your new home the same as the previous one, didn't you? You really are amazing!!

    I love the military life - love almost everything about it. I took such pride in my dad's Air Force service, first as a fighter pilot and later as an officer at McGuire (NJ). I am equally proud of my sons. Danny was a naval petty officer and served 5 years, Sam is a staff sergeant in the army and has been in for 7 years, and Nathan will soon be a lance corporal in the marines and has now been in for one year. (I'm bragging a little, aren't I?!) The military has done so much in making them the young men they are (or were). Not to mention, I still love the sight of a man in uniform!

  2. What a packed few weeks you have had in the Tucker home! How did you get your house together so quickly? You amaze me!
    I got you comment. We are in Pinehurst, NC. Where does the fellow blog follower live?
    Best of luck in Kansas!

  3. Oh I am so glad to see some posts! I was wondering how you guys were doing with all of the changes. Thanks for the updates! Blessings!

  4. BETH & RON!!! Welcome Lucey...been reading and reading to catch up! Please send your address and email (yours keeps getting returned to me!)Laurie Gleason (


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