Saturday, June 27, 2009

Change of Command

The week of June 14th was even busier. We were preparing for Ron's Change of Command (He is commanding the "Heartland" Recruiting Battalion and his office is in Kansas City--we chose to live on Ft. Leavenworth because we love living in the military community), preparing for out of town guests, hanging pictures and doing a little decorating. On the 17th, a very dear friend who is like a brother to Ron, flew in from San Antonio. Mike is also a LTC in the military. He is Andrew's Godfather. He and is family are getting ready to make a move to Hawaii. Thank you so much Mike for being here for us! Thank you to Barb who let us have Mike for several days. While Ron was very busy with COC activities, Mike became my right hand man. I'm so grateful he was there to help me. We have known Mike for 16 years. What a blessed time spent with Him. We were touched by all those who came to share in the ceremony. We have a lot of family right here in the Kansas City area. We thank all those who came from this area. My parents came from St. Louis. Two special cousins from Illinois came. Thank you, Ruth, for taking such great pictures with my camera. A special surprise family came up from Alabama. Another very special family came in from Illinois. There were a lot of community leaders in attendance. I enjoyed getting to meet them and look forward to future meetings. Ret. Command Sergeant Major Gooden (Vietnam War Hero) was there. It was a hot morning but the view was beautiful. Lee, the Soldier-Family Assistance Program Manager, did a beautiful job with the reception at the museum after the COC. Thank you, Lee, the food was delicious and the cake was mouth watering.

The Liberty Memorial. This is the view from the Change of Command. How special and humbling to have this event at the National World War I Monument. It's beautiful and I recommend everyone go and visit the museum.

Lucey sat on my lap the entire time. I was so proud of her. It was hot and the sun was beating down on us. I think she knew it was Daddy's special day.

Marching out to the troops.

Ron is passing the Guidon-- An Army unit conducts a change-of-command ceremony whenever a new commander takes charge. The central rite of this ceremony is the passing of the unit guidon from the outgoing commander to the incoming commander. By taking the guidon, the new commander signals his selfless commitment to the traditions, values, and soldiers that the guidon represents.

Ron--Marching back as the new commander of the "Heartland" Battalion.

Sharing a few words.

I'm meeting and greeting.

Ron is doing the same.

Ron, Auntie M., and Ret. Command Sergeant Major Gooden.

Talking with Diane....Ruth taking the pictures. I'm so glad you came.

Lucey meeting Aunt Clare and Lucas for the first time. Thank you for coming.

Mom and Dad talking with our surprise visitors, Meredith in blue, Brooks, Bryne in the suit and our friend, Mike, in uniform.

Lucey enjoyed spending time with Brooks.

Lucey is taking a break. "I'm pooped!" Andrew is being patient. Oh, on a side note...the boys out grew their dress shoes and I really had to make peace with them wearing tennis shoes. At least they were new and clean. I had to let it go.....

Meeting the two fun guys from ESPN. It was great putting a face to their voices. I can't wait to see them in the future.

At Daddy's arms.

We're back home, Lucey has had a nap and we can all relax.

Our friends stopped by for a visit before we were on to our next event....I'll post about that next. Our beautiful Goddaughter, Brooks-- in the middle. She is almost a year younger than Andrew and Christian. She is tall, poised and delightful to visit with. Andrew and Christian could not say enough great things about her. They had a good time. She gave me so many hugs....I could steal her! I'm sure Meredith would not go for that. ;-) Maybe someday, Brooks, you can spend some time with us. Our door is always open and we would love to have you here.
I know others were taking pictures too. When I get those, I'll post more. Ruth did a fantastic job capturing the event. I only gave her a seconds notice.
What a great day!
A photo from the Kansas City HERE.

Click on the arrow to watch the video.

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