Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Week Of Unpacking

The week of June 7th, we unpacked. We did some shopping. We reunited with some old friends whom we had met when we were first married and Ron was going through the Officer Basic Course. They were kind to bring a was delicious! Thank you Betty and Bill!

June 13th was a busy day. In the morning, Ron went on ESPN for an hour radio interview with the most fun two guys and the outgoing commander. The boys and I listened through a computer connection of the live interview. Ron was being welcome to the area. Kansas City has shown that they are very supportive of the Military. It really warmed my heart. These two guys came to the Change of Command the following week.

The evening of the 13th we headed to the Westin Crown Center for the AUSA Ball. Thankfully my ball gown was ready to go. I pulled myself together in about 30 min. Ron was searching through boxes for his bow tie and my clutch and off we went. I have never been so thrown together for such a formal event. Either I'm getting old and I just don't care as much or I'm a little crazed by the move. Anyway, it was such a great event. We sat between two tables of women. One group were women who's husbands were deployed. The other group were women who's sons were deployed. They stood up, they were recognized and it was touching. Thank goodness there was tissue on the table; we all got a little teary. The event coordinator thought of everything. At our table, we sat with a Vietnam War Vet who received at least two purple hearts for injuries he sustained in the war. He was humble and he and his wife were lovely to talk to. True heroes. The retired Command Sergeant Major's story was told in the movie by Mel Gibson "We were Soldier's." He will work with Ron on occasion. I do have a picture of him taken at Ron's Change of Command. I'll post that later.

Adam did a great job holding down the fort with the other 3 kids so we could attend this event. He is such a blessing. He always helps out with a great attitude.

I hate to post with out pictures. I know most people would rather skim the pictures than read a long rambling post. Since this is our journal, I really wanted to remember this time in our lives.

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  1. I enjoyed it even without the pictures. I did not realize your husband was taking over as the commander of this post. Congratualations!


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