Friday, June 26, 2009

Unloading The Truck

Friday-June 5th...we wake up at 5:45, get ready, eat and drive to Ft. Leavenworth to sign for our house on the post. We made it there with 1 min. to spare. We left the housing office and drove to our new house pulling in right behind the moving van. Can you believe this timing? I had never seen this house before. I had 4 big dudes following me around waiting for me to make decisions on where the furniture will be placed. Talk about pressure! I turned around and snapped, "Please give me 5 min to make a plan!" They all got quiet. We did work well together and it all went fine.

Andrew is helping Lucey take a drink.

Adam's job, checking off the inventory.

Here we are....tired yet happy to be at our new home.

Christian is very happy about our new neighborhood.

Adam is starting to lose steam.

Lucey is gaining steam....she found her Bobby Car.

"Going for a ride on our long driveway."

Lucey lost among the boxes.

Everyone is helping...two people unwrap, one person smooths out the paper, one person breaks down the boxes and one person on Lucey duty.

We bought a kitchen island...okay, this is Ron's way of putting it together. I
would never have the patience for this kind of organization!

We took a break to go and visit Great Grandma. Lucey says, "Nice to meet you Grandma!" She loves Grandma!!!

Lucey doesn't want to leave! "We will see you again soon!" My Grandma is an amazing woman!

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