Friday, June 26, 2009

The Move...

The week of June 1st was our packing and moving week. This is our 10th (in 18 years) move to a new assignment. We have done several others moves in between but we are not counting those. You know, it never gets easier and no, we are not pros. Maybe there are some out there who become really good at it but that would not be us. Some moves have been easier than others and we are just praising the Lord that this move, even with adding an extra certain little someone, was pretty smooth sailing. I'll be honest, sometimes I get a little down when we move but not this time. I think it's because I have not had one ounce of time to spare to be down. I'll explain later.

Our last family photo in front of the Glen Carbon house.

We are boxed up by the end of the day on June 2nd. Boy, we had some friction with the driver of our moving van. Everyone said we would be a three day pack. My goodness, we don't have that much stuff. On the 1st...the packers left our house at 3:45. On the 2nd, they left the house at 4:00 and they were done. So they loaded us on to the truck on the 3rd ( was little Miss Lucey's Lu's 2nd birthday so we celebrated by eating out Chinese. Poor Andrew got food poisoning and spent part of the night in the bathroom...we have come to expect some kind of medical challenge when we move.....he was fine the next day.) We cleaned the home on the 4th and finally left for Kansas City that evening by 5:00 arriving in Blue Springs (I could not drive one more mile) at 10:30 p.m. It was a difficult trip for Lucey. She cried much of the way. :-(

Nana and Papa came over on the 1st and brought a few goodies in celebration of Lucey's birthday.

Lucey got a new book. She absolutely loves books! Especially ones that make noise.

Lucey is eating among the boxes. This girl can eat anywhere, anytime and anything!

She loved all the running room.

I'm going to miss this wonderful room and beautiful serene color. In case you are wondering, it's Restoration Hardware--Silver Sage.

The Hanley's had Adam over to their house the night before and gave him a farewell party/end of the school year party. Adam was busy the entire week we were moving. Getting together with friends and saying his good-byes. They brought Adam back home on the 4th and to say good-bye to the rest of us. We've already seen the Hanley's since we have moved and we plan on seeing them again in a few weeks. So saying good-bye was really not necessary...right? Oh, in case you are wondering....they are doing the sign for "cow." Lucey loves cows and saying "moooooooo!"
Keep checking back...I'll be updating more soon.

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  1. You have been busy! I guess I have been too in a different sort of way, and other than for work, I have mostly stayed away from my favorite blogs since mid-May. I loved catching up on yours tonight and can't wait to see your new home. I especially liked the pictures from Lucey's baptism celebration. She looked very pretty in her little white dress.

    I'm sure it was hard to say good-bye to your good friends. I was showing Bob some of the pictures, and he made the comment that he was not sure he could stand having to start over so often. I'm sure I would struggle - it takes special people to make this work well, and I'm glad you are so willing. Your attitude makes it much easier for your kids, I'm sure. When I read how Lucey cried most of the drive, I thought of how Ruthie cried the first couple of times we drove to Grandma's (8 hours). By the end of the time I wanted to cry too!


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