Friday, May 29, 2009

Walking With Grace

"...this grace in which we now stand." Romans 5:2

Paul states, as believers in Jesus, we now stand in a place of highest privilege. Thank you Lord for your Grace.

I also thank the Lord for my friend, Grace. Grace is my neighbor and she is such a bright light of love and Christ to the whole neighborhood. I met Grace when we first moved here. I was on a prayer walk asking the Lord to bring me a Christian friend. At the end of my walk, Grace was near my house talking to the boys. We found out quickly that we both love the Lord and when she told me her name, Grace, I just had to smile. God is so good. Grace has the most precious Golden Retriever, Charlie. My boys absolutely love Charlie and announce every time they have seen him, played with him or if he is coming down the street with Grace. Charlie loves to play with all the kids. I'm going to miss you Grace!!!

Today, Grace invited us on a nature walk on one of the beautiful paths near our home. We spent two hours enjoying the beautiful morning, playing with Charlie, visiting, watching for wildlife and learning about the plants and trees.

Grace, Andrew, Christian and Charlie.

We have had so much rain. Last week, we got 8 inches in one day. There has been dangerous flooding. Today, we saw some of the corrosion but also this beautiful brook.

Our first stop, The Catalpa tree.

Christian's turn to read.

I'm praying he is not standing among poison ivy....that was big topic of conversation today. Click HERE if you want to learn more about poison ivy. (Grace, we did our homework....we sure saw a lot of plants that resemble P.I. It's a good thing we were cautious.)

Andrew's turn to read.

Taking a tour of Glen Carbon Village Farm. It was a farm in the 1800's. The city now owns the property and they maintain this lovely home and stables.

Lucey is loose....she had fun running around.

The horse stables.

Thank you, Grace, for such a fun and educational morning!

As we prepare to leave--it's also been a time of squeezing in last minute good-byes with friends. Good-bye is so hard to say. We are just down the road so we will be back. So let's not say good-bye.
Ron had lunch a few days ago with an old childhood friend that he has reconnected with. They go back about 40 years. They lived a few houses apart. They went to Gardenville grade school together. They used to play ball in the alley together behind their houses. Their reconnection has meant the world to Ron and to me; I love Ron's excitement for people and for his past that he rarely visits. Ron is so proud of his friend, Craig and hearing all about his beautiful family. He said that has been the most rewarding part of their reunion, sharing their families with one another.

Craig, thanks for supporting the blog...I love your icon! I hope we can get our families together in the near future.
I also want to thank you and your family for the precious bows, bow holder and the cutest little flipflops for Lucey Lu. I LOVE them!!! Lucey does too! Brenda, you are talented. I adore the monogrammed plaque.

One clip you can't see, is the ladybug bow. It's so cute! The ladybug is also the symbol used for adopted kiddos from China.
Thank you for the beautiful gifts. Thank you for your friendship.

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