Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Lucey's Tired--So Is Mama

Lucey started her morning with her usual big appetite. An egg, yogurt, banana and her little bowl of "snacks."

Andrew decided to stay home and hold down the fort with Max while Lucey, Christian and I headed back to Children's Hospital. Lucey was having a cranky morning so I kind of knew that the tests today were going to be hard for her.

Lucey loves yogurt!

She's wanting to hand me her plate for me to serve her more yogurt but I told her that she needed to eat her bananas first. She is a great eater but she is also becoming more comfortable with us. She understands there is an endless supply of food here so she is becoming a little more selective. But for an almost two year old....I'm impressed. This is all good.

Her renal ultra sound was at 10:30. We got right in. She cried before the tech even touched her. She seemed to become a little distracted by the stuffed animals hanging from the ceiling. It was a fairly quick test.

Her Echo was another story. It took a while. She did not want me to take off her shirt. She cried right away. I didn't realize that I had to lay on the table and that she was going to lay on me the entire time. I would have used the restroom...dang that cup of coffee! She was wiggling all over me and I was trying hard to comfort her. Thank goodness for the tech who had bubbles. Thank goodness for Christian who was there to blow them. Thank you Christian. That was the only thing that distracted her for a few seconds at a time. The tech was so patient and kind.
We go back to see genetics on Thursday. We should have the results of today's tests then. Please continue to pray for the results of the test. That Lucey is a very healthy little girl. We have so much to praise the Lord for and so much to be thankful for. I know the Lord has this.
We should be done with appointments after Thursday...at least for a while. We are all ready to move on and to enjoy life with Lucey. We know these tests are necessary and we feel blessed to have the medical coverage that we do....but it's time to breathe....to relax....to get ready for the next big chapter in our lives. Our move.

Click the arrow to watch the video. Lucey loves to sing...."Mama." Music to my ears. We ate pizza in the cafeteria after the testing. She was a much happier little girl.

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  1. I'm glad you'll have a little respite between all the tests, although a move does not sound very relaxing either! The park Adam chose to clean up is just beautiful. Our grass and trees aren't to this point yet, so you must be a bit warmer. I hope your move is to a place that is just as lovely. It must be hard to give up your beautiful home.


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