Monday, May 11, 2009

A Service Project

Adam needed to put some service time in for his school, specifically his Biology class. It had to be tied in with the environment so Adam chose to clean up the park. This park is beautiful and we are blessed to live within a bikes ride. It's also next to our quaint little library so it's a great place to visit. Andrew headed straight to the library--of course. Adam, Christian, Lucey and I headed for the park. Adam got right to work and Christian gave a hand.

The dugout was pretty messy.

The boys worked together while Lucey and I watched.

Swinging is good for Lucey's core muscle strength so we did a little "swing therapy."

"This slide looks pretty fast."

"Thanks Christian, I needed a hand. Such a big step."

"Glad you could join us, Andrew. I'm sure you enjoyed your quiet time in the library."
Tomorrow morning we head back to Children's Hospital. Lucey is going to have a renal ultra sound and an Echo on her heart. It's just a precaution....the heart and kidney's form at the same time as the ears. Please pray that her tests go well (she's had so many lately and I'm sure she is getting tired of being poked and prodded) and that she is perfectly healthy. Thank you, your prayers mean so much to us.

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